Thursday, January 20, 2005

Tremendous Thursday

January 20, 2005

Day Six

Still rollin strong from that swank experience in the
hot springs. Today was a journey into a new and distant land. The Yukon Territory... Passed through a myriad of mountains and they just keep getting better and better. I keep saying I will get photos up, but I am battling my computer a little bit here, so give me some time. Anyhow, while driving through the mountains, you can get into a trance almost... The perspective of the road and massive geological history in front of you can play some wild tricks with your perceptions. One, they always seem closer than they are, and two when you drive toward mountains, they look like they are moving further away from you... Crazy stuff eh? Gives you an immense appreciation for natural history, and how involved things can be. Ended up in Whitehorse YT, and let me tell you that is a cool town. Very in tune with the organic food ideal, and have a damn cool hostel... If you ever pass through the area I definitely recommend Beez Kneez hostel. You won't be disappointed.

However, if you want to find Mexican food up here that may be another story. After a long day on the road, I was ready to spice up my pallet (spelling?) and endulge in a tastee frenzy of food. Upon meeting some Loonie counter, (banker) I beckoned as to where the Mexican resturant, a.k.a. Sam and Andy's was located... Down the block on the right, twas his reply. "Is the food good?" I questioned. "Well, it's Mexican..." the man replied. So what, if its Mexican it doesn't count as food, or its terrible? I let it slide, and for those of you who know me, you understand what an undertaking that was. So we get to the place and it has all the markings of a delicious meal, and by that I mean I knew we were in for a treat when the brought us sliced tomatoes, with seasonings in a plastic cup as salsa... I was hurt, but swallowed my pride and consumed one of the sorriest attempts of the cuisine I've ever experienced. I'll quit while I am ahead to not sound too much like a remorseful rouge. Maybe the mileage has gotten to me...

Wandered back to the Beez Kneez, through the fridgid cold and made it back at the horribly late hour of 6:40 or something like that. This time zone change has got to stop. I don't know when I am supposed to do anything. It's dark as a mug a lug half the time, and the hours just don't match. At any rate sat around, read, wrote, played guitar and fell into a peaceful sleep... Total miles traveled today: 406

May the weather in your area code be favourable to you and those around you.
It's your world... Capture it.

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