Saturday, January 22, 2005

Swankalicious Saturday

January 22, 2005

Day Eight

Today had all the makings of a superb adventure... Heard the rustling of other guests at all hours of the morning or the lady next-door who was convinced that she needed to set her car alarm every time she went in and out. Didn't think crime was that bad in Tok... Settle on into the lobby for a continental breakfast. Great meal of oatmeal packages and luke-warm water awaited.... MMMM delicious. With the best of Quaker's oats in my food factory we set out to drive the last leg of our journey into
Anchorage. Jump started some man with a Nissan truck sans block heater. Thanks guy who recommended we get one of those.

Headed out on the highway, (not really looking at the map) and headed the opposite way we came in, seemed like the thing to do. After about 40 miles and the hinting of an amazing sunrise I didn't feel like things were right. That and I kept seeing signs that read
Fairbanks; so I turned on the GPS, and sure enough, we were definitely going in the wrong direction. Way to go Castillo! Headed back the other way and as a result got to stop and catch some swank sunrise shots. (Hopefully I will get my head on right with this software and make it happen so you can see what we saw...) Found the right highway and continued SOUTH into Anchorage.

The forecast for was all mountains all day, and it was damn memorable. While driving I tried to shoot some photos with the small digital camera, we'll see how those turn out, after I get set up in a position to deal with those. Truly a gorgeous drive, each mile lending itself to be the picturesque
Alaska portrayed in so many photos and National Geographic articles. The mountains are so majestic, and being able to see a glacier off the side of the road is a moving experience. You feel so small in comparison, but the largeness around you is so right, the way it was before and hopefully will be after us. It entices your mind to wonder how many folks may never get the opportunity to see this majestic land, and what you can do to help preserve it... not mistakenly exploiting it. There's a fine balancing act, one I don't fully know how to explain.

Back to the traveling. As the day and miles wore on, civilization began to evolve all over the place. Roads better maintained, houses appearing, cities sprawling... You come from nothing (figuratively) and are placed in the middle of something huge. I always find the initial adjustment scary. A real shock if you will; my primordial instinct is to run back into the outskirts and away from it all. However that really wasn't an option for me, seeing as I need to continue being a student in a few days.

Made it into the city limits of
Anchorage, and were blessed to be received by friends of a friend back home. Special thanks to CHERYL & GLEN DAILY, for welcoming us into their home and city. All said and done many miles traveled, as of right now I will invite you to participate in the interactive experience of adding all the mileage up for a grand total, first one to email me the correct response will receive.... well I guess you'll just have to find out for yourself. Total miles traveled: 398

May your feet carry you well on your journey...
It's your world... Capture it.

**This has truly been an amazing journey thus far. I would like to thank so many people for encouraging, believing, allowing, and making this happen. I would love more than anything to hear from all of you to know how things are in your neck of the woods. I will do my best to keep in contact over the next many months, but a friendly reminder never hurts, even if its just to say hey... Best wishes again and make the best of what's around!

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