Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Transverse Tuesday

January 18, 2005

Day Four

Today we bid farewell to our gregarious Edmonton. Got up around 7:45 (in the morning) and headed out on the road by 8:30... Much to my surprise it was still dark out. Wild experience, guess as you head north of the 55th parallel you get less daylight. Life went on as normal though, kids walking to school, mothers ensuring their child does not miss the bus. You're body is ready to roll, but its not quite sure what to do with itself as its still dark. We drove out to Alberta (fine province, really it is, but the roads there are so incredibly dirty its unbelievable) into British Columbia... BC, which can stand for many things, Bring Cash, Be Courteous, Buen Communidad... The possibilities are endless really. But I digress. We arrived in Ft. Saint John just after the sun had set, and it was really cold. Don't know the exact temp, but a waitress told us the day before it had been -25 or -30 degrees Celsius, so I didn't need to kick up the math skills to know it was chilly. Scenery is beginning to change, snow becoming more bountiful, valleys more defined and mountains (LARGE ONES) more visible. I'll work on getting some photos going soon. Total miles traveled today: 469

May the weather be pleasant on the square meter of land you stand on...
It's still your world... and you should still capture it.

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