Thursday, October 06, 2011

Pants - Patagonia, Mountain khaki, kavu

Patagonia Patrol Pant
34" waist

Do you need some burly pants for ragin this winter? These mildly used Patagonia Patrol Pants will fit the ticket. Traditional pockets by the waist and full zip sizes to let some air in, or do your business off trail. WAY BURLY. TOO BIG for me, skied thrice times, minor scuffage on the ankles. Inner boot cuff, suspenders (not pictured) Wish they fit me. Paid too much. $130 shipped.

Mountain Khaki
Original Mountain Pant
GREAT condition

The O.G. mountain pant from MK. Worn twice, stored too long, seem to have a mark from something in storage, but I'll give a good scrub prior to shipping. Traveled around with these more than I've worn them. $25 shipped

KAVU coveralls

Do you like to work on stuff and keep your clothes clean? Have you longed for a coverall that is styling? Look no further! Kavu canvas coveralls will do the trick. This lightly loved coveralls need a new home b/c they are just too big for their previous one. Solid force 10 type material (kavu lingo) with a smattering of pockets for all your crafty needs. Provided you shred in dry pow these could make an EPIC onesy, especially if you snow sealed the whole bit. $75 shipped

Jackets- & Patagonia

Do you need to get down with some layering this winter?
I need to clear the closet, simplify and fund raise for the 1st month of rent. Have a look, find something you like and let's make it happen.
Stoic softshell BNWT

Part of the early Stoic Line (I think this jacket is called the 'shift') I got it last winter, thinking it had a hood on it, no hood, no dice for me. * There is a price tag on this, because I tried to sell it @ a consignment shop this spring, didn't fly there (I'll cut that off prior to shipping)- $55 shipped

Patagonia Reversible Jacket

I have to plead the fifth and say I don't know what model this is. I got it a few seasons ago, it sat in the closet last winter and... needless to say, needs a new home. It is a size large, has a lighter nylon material on one side, and a pile fleece on the other ( like Patagonia's retro cardigan X Jackets). SUPER WARM! Has zipper and snaps, hand pockets and a chest pocket. It's a great layer under a shell, or on its own when its a little warmer. Great shape, there are a few smudges from hiking with the tele's, but all around STELLAR!
$70 shipped

Another Patagonia Reversible Jacket

Again, don't know the model of this jacket. Definitely lighter than the previous one. Makes an awesome later under the hard shell when its burly out, or around town in the fall or spring. Light nylon on the outside, smooth brushed fleece on the inside. $50 shipped

See something you like?

Market Place - Tele Boots

Crispi SHIVER NTN 27.5

I dabbled in the NTN world last season and it was fun... but I can't justify having two sets of bindings and boots. I guess I am a pinhead @ heart so I am going to continue to live out my days on 22 designs or bombers. This pair of CRISPI shiver's are in stellar shape (not new, but not abused) They come with SCARPA intuition liners - the (the originals were not good) which have been baked twice. These fit a little big for my taste, but I reckon that is due to a little more space in the toe box. My loss your gain. $150 shipped

Black Diamond CUSTOM
27/27.5 shell 315mm sole length

The BD CUSTOMS - SIK BOOT! Got these last season and skied them some, VERY responsive, stiff, and the ski/walk mode is RIGHTEOUS. Boots are in GREAT shape, few scuffs, scrapes, duckbills are solid, as are the soles. My feet are a tad narrow for the BD line, thus they need to migrate to a loving home. Get u some CUSTOM action today! $250 shipped

Black Diamond Push
Size 28 325mm sole length

Again, not too much to say about these boots that hasn't been said before. THEY ROCK! The tour mode is amazing and makes going up a breeze. I got these a few seasons ago, where they were 'comfortable' in the shop, but got sloppy on the hill. They haven't been used in two seasons. Everything is in BOMBER shape. Paid 688 w/ tax back then, now $250 shipped.

Market Place - Sun protection

Smith Prodigy EVOLVE goggles

Picked this up last season, then ended up needing something with a lighter lens. This actually seems more mirrored in real life. Anyhow, I would like to not travel with it back across the country. Get set up with an 'eco friendly' option for your eyes this winter! $55 shipped

Smith Vanguard EVOLVE
Matte Black
Black - polarized

Sweet Sunnies, just too big for my face. Practically new. $45 shipped