Saturday, January 29, 2005

Attempting tele turns

Been an amazing week... Lot of figuring stuff out about the town and what have you. Also getting to apprecaite the five minute per day sunlight gain. Intense eh? But I guess that's what it takes, because months from now there will be a bounty of light.

Tried out the whole classical skiing thing the other day. I have to say my regards go out to those of you whom are proficient in such a sport. I was struggling like a salmon hopping up water falls; and I am sure I looked like it at times. I think the issue was the lack of groomed trails, for 92% of the time we headed out on the non-classic groomed trails, which were icy and at times tough as a mug. Maybe its just me, but I felt like there were no edges on those bad boys causing me to slip all over the place. Austin tried to explain it to me, I was like, "kick zone what?" Any time I attempted forward movement gravity ensured its other plans of taking me off the incline and into the woods... Aside from looking like a rough character, I was glad to be outside, and think that I will stick to skate skiing, that makes a little more sense and to those classic folk out there... You have my utmost respect and I will never degrade that aspect of the sport in any way, shape or form every again...

The weekend rolled around and what better way to spend it than learning how to Telemark ski? Now this was a garuantee for me to spend some quality time on the snow... from continual falling... I actually held my own all right, and it was a blast. We braved the mighty HILL TOP resort which was not for the meek of heart. You get 294 feet of VERT slapped in your face and if the steep slopes don't make you miss your move the snowboarders will. Ok, so the real deal, hilltop is quite a beginner hill, nothing too exciting, but it was a good place t learn. Telemark for those unfamiliar with it is the art of freehealing while riding down the mountain side. I have come no where near mastering that art, but look foward to making progress as the months go by. Hopefully it will assist my push to experience the backcountry. Day was slightly cloudy, but off in the distance rising into the heavens was Mount Denali... or McKinley if you're from this area. That was quite impressive and although the snow wasn't bountiful at this here resort, can't complain about the view on the way down.

Nothing too much more exiciting from today. Lotta calories burned, and feeling quite cashed out to say the least... Saw the movie Ray, (about Ray Charles) the other night. Good movie, definitely one i would recommend. I'd tell you more, but you've gotta get out there see/ rent it for yourself. Yeah so... sleep seems like a good thing about now.

May everything be well up in your neck of the woods. If you can walk you can dance, if you can talk you can sing...-Zimbabwe Proverb...

It's your world...Capture it.

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