Monday, January 17, 2005

Melancholy Monday

January 17, 2005
Day Three
An exciting day, let me tell you... And by exciting I mean not so much. Woke up in the same sketch -o- matic hotel we retired in. Re-packed some goodies, and hauled into Edmonton Alberta (Canada no doubt) from Lethbridge Alberta (still Canada). Want to talk about flat country? Because I don't. Yes twas pretty flat all the way through Alberta. But the cool thing is you can drive 110... Kilometers and hour, you don't have to know how to spell, adding an extra u in words such as colour, behaviour, favourite, pretty spiffy eh? No one spells center correctly either, you always end up heading into the town centre... Centre, where the heck is that? Maybe I am still worn out from yesterdays drive, but today offered very little visual stimulation. Arrived in Edmonton and checked into the Hostel there. Pretty cool location and seems like an upbeat city, from what I could tell anyway. Not too much happened, must have been on the road for a while (a whopping three days), that a bread bowl with cauliflower and cheese soup in it, seemed like a delicacy... That'll happen though. I hope you all are eating better than us, surrounded by Tim Hortons and Mounties. Ok, so we haven't seen any Mounties yet, but maybe someday soon. Total kilometeres...errr... I mean miles traveled today: 329

Hope all is well in your realm of the world.
May your feet carry you well on your journey...
It's your world...Capture it.

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