Friday, January 28, 2005

Braving the Blog...

So I'm no computer whizz and there's a lot you can do with these machines... But it's modern technology, and some of this photo hosting stuff makes no sense... I have begun to add photos to the Blog, however not in the description where you'd expect to see the photo... That apparently would make too much sense, or maybe I just fell for it.

Anyway the Photo Session has begun, and if you are tired of reading all this mumbo jumbo, look for a post with a PS in front of the title... There you will find a photo and less than whitty comment, or description if I get real creative. Might I just say something about the photos... I LOVE photography, and understand I am no Ansel Adams, so don't expect too much from these shots because I shoot to get the shot not the money... Although one of these some $$$ would be nice. The vast majority of these photos were shot out of a car going 100...Kilometers and hour. Also from some of the descriptions of beautiful, mind blowing scenery, I was driving so I didn't take a picture, that's why I listed a description of the mental image I had to take... Meaning (sorry Mom and Dad) I will probably have to do this journey over so I can get all the desired photos... I can dream can't I?

That's the deal... Stay tuned for future updates... Hope the Barometric Pressure is on the incline for yah!

It's your world... Capture it.

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