Sunday, January 30, 2005

PS Billy Harris 2nd to none in our hearts...

Billy Harris, the man, the myth the compulsive masterpiece...
copyright castillo 2005

I've had the pleasure to cross paths with Billy on many occasions (few on the Ottawa) and he is definitely one of the funnier more humble people you will meet. His passion towards paddling is contagious and when it comes to acting like a kid he ranks with the best of them. Always making faces, yelling stuff about peoples' mothers, and playing pranks, you gotta watch out for this guy in the eddy. Moreso than that Billy is one of the most approachable paddlers on the river, always willing to lend a hand in helping you understand the latest concept. Make no mistake about it this guy is pure phun. And even if that doesn't convince anyone (SARRS members included) he'll always be number one in my heart... CONGRATS BILLY!!!

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