Monday, November 21, 2011

More Patagonia Jackets

Patagonia Insulated Outer jacket

I have to plead the fifth and say, "I don't know what model this is' but I can say it is warm and keeps the wet out. The jacket features a full time hood, H2NO material on the outside and some type of insulation on the inside. I want to say its their primaloft eco business, as it it's not very heavy. (read: that does not mean its not WARM) I've worn this a handful of times and have been thankful for the pit zips. It doesn't have a powder skirt, so if you are after the steep and deep you may want to be sporting bibs. I have gained a few inches vertically, so the fit doesn't really suit my fancy any more. Sweet jacket! Get hooked up today! $125 shipped

Patagonia Down Sweater
Really Red

We've all longed for one at some point or another right? Now you can get hooked up on a practically new (Its been worn twice) - and its damn warm). Size Large, packs down small. Awesome layer for the potentially burly la NINA. $110 shipped