Saturday, January 15, 2005

Splendid Saturday

It all begins today...
January 15, 2005

Day One

Just less than -9 degrees fahrenheit sans wind, hopefully we will drive through the cold front. We departed
Ashland Wisconsin around 10:00 A.M. and I drove the first part of the journey for as many hours as I can remember... Actually drove until sun down, which occurred around 4:00 P.M. just crossing the border into Fargo North Dakota. Want to talk about an exciting state? Definitely pretty flat through out that... We kept driving until the hunger within beckoned, quick dinner stop and then continued travel to Dickenson North Dakota. Couldn't say if it were a swell city one way or the other, as we arrived in the dark. Temperature dropped to -26 degrees fahrenheit. Solid traveling day. Total miles traveled: 651
Estimated Arrival in
Anchorage: Friday January 21, 2005

That'll do it for the first report unless I remember anything else. Hope all is well in your neck of woods...
It’s your world...Capture it.

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