Sunday, May 29, 2005

Off the road again

If my math skills serve me correctly it has been a whopping 17 days since the last post. In that time I have traveled from there to here and back again. Ending a 14 day jaunt down to the lower 48 to experience the azure skies and radiant warmth of Utah and Colorado; but i should probably mention it was to further my education, meaning I am not a total wanker.

Just wanted to make note that I am located in Seward Alaska, where I will remain for the summer. The last little duration of life has been a trite hectic so I apologize if your phone calls have gone unanswered, please don't take it personally, I was out of cell range for a few days and with moving in + getting acclimated to the job my time has been an endangered specie... No doubt that when I get this schedule thing figured out I will be updating these entries like mad with photos to fill you all in on what's been up.

I hope that all has been (and continues to be) well in your neck of the woods, and you are defying the odds of being both creative and productive. Until next time, do what you can, with what you have, where you are....


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