Monday, March 07, 2005

Tour de Anchorage...

“Hey…Hey… Welcome to the Tour of Anchorage” – a loud radio style voice boomed over the large speakers as the stadium went wild… “Brian, Brian, do you have all your stuff?” asked a fellow skier… Oh yeah, my day dream had been broken as I slid up to the start line…

The cold of the morning, anticipation, anxiety, and knowledge of other people hitting the slopes plagued my being on this sixth day of March… A day I have been dreading all semester… Ski race day. Not any ski race mind you (not a Birkie either – sorry Paul, I am still a pansy) a 25K monster… Some lady screamed “GO”, shot a friggen twelve gauge or something, and that’s just what I did, I went… One hour and forty six minutes later I arrived 15 miles from whence I started.

All I can think about is the deliciously dressed skiers in their tight…TIGHT… suits, wowsers that were a sight all right, a hideously uncomfortable sight… I kid, I kid, but I will say I will never be one of you hardcore elite’s. I will stay content with the mind battle one faces as they glide somewhat effortlessly across the trail to a final destination. As I did what I could to keep moving, I became detached from the world around me, heading down hills, through tunnels, passed others (lots of em… (insidious newbie laughter inserted here)) Not giving a dam for anything until I crossed that finish line. I can do this, this skiing thing isn’t that hard, and then fate met me face on, a 10K sign… “WHAT!? This is an OUTRAGE!!! I have been skiing for a while, and only gone 10K!?” I knew I needed to change my pace, slow it down a tad… Only later figuring that meant only 10K left, I was in the home stretch. I realized this after I placed a ski pole on the inside of my skis (only advanced pros try this) while looking up at an airplane (no I don’t have ADD)… As I tumbled off the trail, a dozen or so brightly colored irresistible people skied by, I hopped back on the pony (figure of speech, there really wasn’t a pony) and sped off towards the finish… Passing back all those ‘pros’ and taking the last 4K in stride as it was all up hill… I raced into an arena of outdoor ski enthusiasts and skied down the shoot to hear “(insert your name here)” oh wait that’s me, “Brian Castillo”…. The crowd went wild… this only because my pants had fallen around my knees… Just making sure you’re all still with me… And it was over.

Grand experience, delicious bread, food, beverages awaited in a warming lodge as the rest of the skiers from this monstrous event filtered in. Cool thing was I didn’t even feel that cashed, and with this experience behind me, there is no telling what I will do next. Probably focus on utilizing these here mountains and riding the goods.

The hour is late on this fine day

So I’ll disappear into the abyss

Cut it short

As I have nothing left to say…

Do what you can

With what you have

Where you are


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