Saturday, February 19, 2005

A night in OP land

Ah, what a way to spend part of your weekend...

Learning about policies and procedures for an outdoor program that will never pay you... The outdoor programs run for students here is cleverly named Outdoor Programs, and as an ambassador for Northland I figured the least I could do would be to show these folks what its all about. Jesting... Slightly.

Anyway it was a rousing evening, filled with sleep over stories, pillow fights and you guessed it spin the bottle... So that didn't happen, but this did: analyzing movies such as touching the void, that one super hyped up movie, Vertical Limit? and Cliffhanger was on the back burner. I was in a world of loss, due to the fact that i am not in any way, shape, or form a mountaineer, needless to say I didn't have much to contribute, other than some of the movie stars were not wearing helmets... (Castillo 1 point). As the night wore on my attention span shortened, especially when we made ice cream sculptures of our favourite outdoor activity... WOW!!! I carved a kayak out of chocolate, and made super sik wave, steep and curling for my gummy bear paddler... too lazy to make a paddle, I claimed he was hand paddling. This impressed the powers at that I received style points and a $10 gift certificate to some brew pub...err I mean resturant in town.

I was enlightened to see that my Group Process and Communication class came in handy while playing the SATURDAY MORNING PRIZE give away. THANKS PVH!!! I stomped out some answers about leadership styles and won a nalgene cantene. Now I can be the wettest kid in the pack because if you are not careful drinking from a collapsable waterbottle it will all come rushing out over all your clothes sans looking back.

That'll about do it for now. Nothing too much exciting going down right now. Getting prepped for avalanche rescue tomorrow at Hatcher's Pass (a delicious slice of back country beauty). Looking forward to that.

May the sun shine brightly upon your face and wind blow at your back...
Until next time keep doing what you love, and lovin what you do...

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