Friday, November 20, 2009

Market Place - Radom

Mion Tidewater (I think that is the model) watershoes/ sandals.  

Think of a cross between a Keen sandal and NRS bootie.  This dual footware system allows you to let your feet bask in the open air should you be meandering about town, the trail, beach etc or ad the insert and have one SOLID system for scrambling about wet surfaces etc... Seems like a killer piece of gear for rafting, sailing, kayaking (provided you've a big boat).  Made from recycled materials and the GRIP on the bottom is AWESOME.  But I digress, anyhow, I got these for that exact purpose but they were too big.  They say 11 but I am thinking it means more like 12 or 13.  My loss your gain. $35 shipped.  

Answer Mountain-bike shoes Euro size 47 w/ Shimano SPD cleats $30 shipped

*These were purchased a few autumns ago and unfortunately were a bit big for my feet (I wear a 45 euro (10.5-11US).  I think they have been on a bike all of twice, pretty basic, simple shoes.  Wanted to pass the goods along to a home where they'd actually be used.

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